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Rainy Day Drama and Deep Breathing

What Helps When You're Wrung Out by Advent?

The Stubborn Hope of Advent

A Love for Lists

The Banquet of Fall

On Mending, Darning, and Grief

From Wounds to Wisdom

Balcony People, Revisited

On Moldy Moleskines and Old Memories

Imagining Peace in a Pot of Soup

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Dandelion Musings

Meeting Memories with Our Senses

On Being Good Stewards of Our Stories

In this one you are....

Achy, Creaky, Squinty, and Grateful

A Trip Down a Musical Memory Lane

When I Grow Up

On Perfectability and Precarity

Writing with constraints

Making Meaning Out of MishMash

In Praise of Poetry, Planets, and the Energy of the Sea

A Little Mary Oliver

Remembering in Vienna

Collaborating with Writing in Company

Making Stone Soup

my 52-minute life lesson

Is This the End of Happiness?

On Waking Early, Whenever That is....

Happiness Hacks: a Summer Series

Grief and Grace in the NICU

The Scenic Route Starts at Safety Town

Head, Heart, Gut, Lungs, Body

Lasts and Firsts

The Sacrament of Writing

Gifts of Peonies and Poetry

On Creation and Invocation

The Joy of Small Things

Writing for the Soul Workshop

On Not Giving Up

The Loss of Lakes and Words

Noticing Nouns

Evidence of Hope

Yes to You

What's for dinner?

The best writing advice I've ever gotten

Wandering My Way to a Writing Prompt

Ashes and Dust

In Uniform

Say yes. Or not. It's your call.

Carrying Grief

Gate A-4 and the Gifts of Travel and Learning

Writing Hours

Of Sisters, Songs, and Strangers

why I love a good writing prompt