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A place for you to use your words to pay attention to your life.

I’m Julie—a writer and a progressive pastor, trying to pay attention and use my words to make meaning, and share hope. 

Twenty years ago I reluctantly stepped into a one-day writing workshop for bereaved mothers and discovered the healing power of writing. Learning to put words to the swirling thoughts and feelings inside woke me up. It helped me turn off autopilot, and start noticing and living my life again.

I’m still learning. I invite you to learn along with me as we write together. Whatever your experience with writing, you are welcome here.

Let’s write together.

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No guilt allowed.

Not everyone writes to every prompt (not even me.) Some people just read and think, or use them for meditation, or for inspiration for another art medium. Don’t feel guilty if you aren’t writing every week!

But please give writing a try, even if you think you aren’t a writer. Especially if you think you aren’t a writer! Be part of a community of people who share your desire to pay attention to your life.

Other ways to join me.

You can find out more about the writing workshops I lead, and my work as a freelance writer for progressive faith curriculum publishers and publications over on my website JulieHester (dot) com. I offer creative ways to use your words, specializing in writing for healing and wholeness, and learning to write as a spiritual practice. (You get to define spiritual. I’ll help with the practice.)

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If you’d like to support my work and get together online to write in company with others, I offer a monthly Zoom Writing Hour for paid and founding subscribers. You can read a bit about my workshops here: Writing in Company Workshops. These monthly writing hours will vary in their day and time until we find a good rhythm. Come to one, some, or all. Writing with others is a rich experience, and you are welcome! No experience is needed.

Got a pen and something to write on? Let’s get started….

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writer | progressive pastor | workshop leader — I help the grieving and the grateful use their words to pay attention to what matters.