Writing Hours

Every month I offer a writing hour online for those who have joined the Writing in Company community as a paid subscriber, or through one of my recent workshops. If you want to join our monthly live writing session, you can subscribe or upgrade now. Try it for a month and see how you like it.

Our session this month will be:

Saturday, June 22 | 4-5 pm Eastern

No registration is needed. Just log on at the time listed with the link below, and I will let folks in from the waiting room.

I’ll offer a gathering idea or question, a prompt, and quiet time to write. We’ll likely have time for 2 or 3 prompts. During the session, there will be the opportunity to read something you wrote if you like, and we will respond with what we heard in it that is strong and memorable. We’ll write whether there is one person or a screen full of people.

If you jump in after the hour has started, we might be writing quietly. Just join in and mute your audio. I’ll put the prompt in the chat, or it will be on the screen already, and you can write about whatever it stirs up in you.

If you have questions before our session, let me know. It will not be recorded—join us live with the link below. You can read more about my workshops on my website.

Let’s write together!


Here’s the Zoom info:

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