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Wonderful! I love the use of constraints to generate new and interesting ideas. For about ten years I was a volunteer coordinator of a local speaking series where participants shared on a topic for five minutes, with a slide deck of 20 slides that auto-advanced every 15 seconds. The brevity and lack of control over the pace was a challenge!

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Thank you, Terry~ this is a terrific change from the classic "freewrites."

A writing assignment my students love: first, reading Ocean Vuong's "A Letter to my Mother that she will never read." A New Yorker piece— write a letter to someone you know will never read it. The writing inevitably turns to a lost family member, but nevertheless powerful.

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I loved this post - thanks Terry and Julie! I'm an avid reader of your 'Experiments in Style' posts, Terry, and it's lovely to read behind the scenes here. Thank you for sharing so many brilliant ideas - I'm going to be having a play, that's for sure! 🙌

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Wow!! Writing using Constraints is a new phenomenon for me as my usual go to for ‘writers block’ is just to let you pen or pencil move and write down whatever your thoughts are. Recently I started setting a timer when I write, and this has allowed me to quickly write down my words without feeling I have to stop and think/ or search for the perfect word that completes or describes my thoughts. I am excited to try some of these techniques.

Thank you for sharing Terry


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Hey Terry, thanks for the Oulipo tip, looks like a great development tool to try..... very soon, Peace, Maurice

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