This is a gorgeous prompt. I ran two creative spaces today. In one, we talked about Cole Arthur Riley’s memoir This Here Flesh. She poses the question What are you made of? We then all created vision boards to try and answer the question.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about thinking about what we are made of so that what we aren’t made of doesn’t take up all the space.

I bring people together in safe community to make art and share stories. We listen and learn and grow together. This place feeds me as I feed others. It is truly heart work.

We also literally were fed as I brought apple crumble and ice cream. Sometimes we need a little extra incentive. I’m hoping some kids came for the crumble but maybe stayed for the power of story.

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Oct 11, 2023Liked by Julie Hester

Thank you so much Julie! It was a pleasure writing this prompt and exploring the mirror idea further. I really look forward to hearing what your subscribers discover when they write about the mirror exercise ✨🎇

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