"Write about a place in your memory that no longer is."

It brings to mind the family cabin I grew up visiting several times a month, built by my grandfather. The cabin still is, and it's still in the family, but it's in the family of my step-father. He is gone, and my mom is gone, and so far I've been granted access to stay there whenever I ask. But I know at some point in the future this magical place will go to someone else that isn't me, and I won't have any power to stop it. Not that it makes sense for me to own a cabin on a lake 1,600 miles and four states from where I currently live, but still.


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Good stuff Julie!

Makes me think of Gertrude Stein saying “There’s no There, There anymore” and of Richard Blanco’s “Looming for the Gulf Motel.” I love using that poem with students and having them repeat his line...There Should Be Nothing Here I don’t Remember. It’s kind of in the place where I am at with memories of our foster son.

I wrote a poem about it here if anyone wants to read.


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What a fun prompt to sit with today. I think on this today.

Lovely read, such visual clues. I grew up with a small lake getaway and I remember the short bunks and can almost smell those surroundings. Yours read devine. I live for tiny spaces!

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I read quickly yesterday then went back today for a reread. This is a really beautiful and thoughtful piece. It brought me back to my childhood memories. Our summer cottage that my grandparents picked and saved for us also no longer is there due to storms destroying the house. The place still is there though, and we have the land and the water. The loss of water is devastating- there is nothing sadder than a dried up lake. I think I’ll share your piece with my creative writing students when we meet in May and also share your info about the classes you offer if that is okay with you.

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