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Thank you Julie and Sarah for this lovely post. At a crossroads in my grief journey it opened up possibility and granted me grace and self-determination as I redirect/ redefine the story of my life with husband to My story. As I choose another path it is indeed a Story I am able to fill with enriching, meaningful, loving memories and hopeful, peaceful words and gratitude. Blessings to you both!

JoAnne Augustine

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Sarah…you are both a mentor in my yoga journey and my writing. So great to talk with you today about Monhegan. I really want to know more about the vortex of Monhegan that I tried to experience in Sedona many years ago.

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Thanks so much to both Sarah and Julie for this sharing. Our heart-grandgirl is in the brace-wearing stage now, and she’s accepted the necessity of it with good grace. We’re hoping to avoid surgery. Sarah’s story is so inspiring, and cause for gratitude on so many fronts.

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